1.What is the settlement price and closing price?

A:1) Generally, settlement price is the weighted average price in the last hour of the trading. 2) Closing price is the price 1 minute before the trading is closed.

2.What is the offset gain and loss, realized gain and loss, position gain and loss, today’s equity, and dynamic equity?

A:1) Offset gain and loss is the gain and loss without any charge and fee after the position closing ; 2) realized gain and loss is the gain and loss with the charges and fees; 3) position gain and loss, namely the floating profit and loss, is the gain and loss calculated before the position closing; 4) today’s equity, namely the static equity, is the equity calculated by the settlement price on the previous trading day; 5) dynamic equity is the equity calculated by the real-time price of the quotation.

3.Why does a slippage appear in a transaction?

A:The transaction slippage of market price is generally the slippage which you get is not as what you see due to the too fast market fluctuation. The slippage is very easy to occur when the market fluctuates greatly. For example, when some big event happen, the market price is very easy to be affected, causing that the order cannot be traded in the most suitable price. Wild fluctuation of the market also means a low liquidity, which may make orders unable to be executed at the market price initially specified. The maximum slippage usually occurs when a big event happens. As a trader, you should avoid trading during period of an important event happens, such as a conference of the Federal Reserve. Of course, it is very tempting for traders to trade when the market is have wild fluctuations. But it is highly risky to do a deal at this time. If you are already trading, you may be confronted with a greater risk than expected because of many slippages. Slippage is a common phenomenon in transactions. Sometimes the negative slippage may cause more losses, while sometimes a positive slippage may cause more profits.

4.What is the market price? What is the counterparty price? What is the queuing price?

A:The original intention of market price is the counterparty price. The counterparty price is the selling price if buying more, and the counterparty price is the buying price if selling out. Some systems or software are set it as the up/down limit price for the purpose of clinching deal immediately. The advantage of such command is to complete the trading command quickly and effectively, while the disadvantage is that it is easy to cause slippages in wild market fluctuations. Queuing price is the buying price, and the selling price is a kind of quoting price.

5.What is the limited price?

A:Limited price, namely the designated price, is to designate a price lower than the market price to buy, or designate a price higher than the market price to sell; if the limited buying price is higher than the market price, and the limited selling price is lower than the market price, the order will be dealt immediately at the market price.

6.What is overprice?

A:Overprice is the amount of transaction price in excess of the market price. It is calculated by the minimum fluctuation amplitude of each variety. In actual transactions, the overprice is superior to the market price and limited price.

7.Why is the profit or loss after a position closing different from the profit or loss seen during the position holding?

A:The position gain and loss is calculated by the latest price, which doest not represent the transaction price. The gain or loss should be calculated by the realized buying or selling price, i.e. the counterparty price.

8.What is the difference between the market price stop-profit & stop-loss and limited price stop-profit & stop-loss?

A:Market price stop-loss is the stop-profit or stop-loss triggered by the latest price reaching the stop-profit or stop-loss setting. Limit price stop-loss is the stop-profit or stop-loss triggered by the queuing price reaching the limited price. A market price stop-loss in great market fluctuation may cause the slippage, and the limited price stop-loss may have the result of failed transaction.

9.Can quoting price be effective all the time?

A:No, it will be canceled five minutes before the closing quotation. After the cancellation, the customer needs to quote again

10.For position with more than one lot, how to make directional choice of closing position ?

A:Select the warehouse receipt you want to level in the warehouse details, right-click the mouse to close the warehouse

11.Why does the operation of closing a position show no contract to sell?

A:Check whether there is an order ticket for such transaction in the entrust column. Withdraw the order first and then operation the position closing.

12.What is the dominant contract?

A:The so-called dominant contract refers to the contract with the largest trading volume. As it is the most active contract in the market, almost all speculators are participating in this contract. Another way to say this is that the dominant contract is the contract with the largest position, because generally speaking a contract with the largest position is also the contract with the largest trading volume. Except those contracts near the last trading day which are the next dominant contracts, the other variety contracts of Lion International Futures are all dominant contracts.

13.What is the contract value of futures?

A:The contract value of futures is the contract size formulated by the contract of such futures, including the specific quantity corresponding to the contract. The contract value multiplied by the minimum fluctuation of the contract is the minimum fluctuation gain or loss of the contract.

14.Why are the quotations of CBOT agricultural products on some software different?

A:The contract is designed to quote in US cents, but some software quote in US dollars. But their minimum fluctuation gain or loss of the trading contract are the same.

15.Why are the quotations of CME Japanese Yen on some software different?

A:CME foreign exchanges are all the exchange prices to USD. Normally Japanese Yen will be enlarged by different times for customers’ easier analysis of the market. But the minimum gain or loss of the trading contract will not be changed.

16.Do the foreign markets dish have the up/down limit?

There is a circuit breaker in the market of US futures index, metal, agricultural products, energy and A50 Index, and transactions will be suspended where A50 and US Index futures has a slump of 20%; there is no up/down limit in DAX.

17.Is there any trading limit before and after the product delivery date?

A:No position opening is allowed from three days before the default last trading, and only position closing is allowed. But you may transact a new contract. (The last trading day is three days before the trading day) The specific time is subject to the announcement.

18.Is it allowed to choose a specific order and close the position?

A:Yes, right click a specific order on the interface of position holding details and click the Close Position.

19.What is the ratio of explosive position?

A:The net value (dynamic equity) reaches 50% of the cash deposit. (Total balance + amount of position holding) / cash deposit required for holding the position = 50%. The forced position closing rule is a one-time position closing without closing the position lot by lot.

20.Is there a position interest / overnight interest / storage fee?

A:The function of overnight is supported. If the overnight cash deposit is insufficient, the position closing is forced on a specific time which is 5 minutes before the market closing. For specific information, please check the detailed variety list.

21.Why can’t I close a position?

A:1) Check the trading environment: whether the network is normal, whether the software is connected normally, and etc. If it is a mobile app, check whether the mobile network and signal is stable or not. 2) The order ticket has been generated, but because of the matchmaking transaction mechanism, there is still no counterparty to take over the order, or a suitable price has not be found yet. The customer may choose to cancel the order ticket.

22.Is there a spread when put on order by Lion’s software?

A:It is subject to the selling price when buying and subject to the buying price when selling, so an order is transacted at the counterparty price; there is no spread in futures.

23.As some varieties have a particularly large fluctuation, and futures are in matchmaking type, will a failed position closing directly lead to a forced position closing, and how to solve this? As the p

A:In case that the position is unable to be closed, you may contact customer service to make a telephone agency transaction. The market price position closing can be basically done. Only when the fluctuation is wild, due to the matchmaking, the transaction price is subject to the final transaction price. For a position closing at designated price, the transaction price may be fixed, but it is not so easy to clinch the deal. Guidelines for customer operations and abnormal operations: 1) If you find that the trading system cannot close the position, it is suggested to lock the position to avoid loss. 2) Contact customer service immediately to have our staff to close the position. The customer will be required to confirm the identity, registered mobile phone number, account number, position opening or closing variety, quantity, direction and other information. The realized position closing price is subject to the position closing settlement price of the background. 3) If upon the confirmation of background the system problem causes that the customer is unable to close the position. We will settle for the customer at the average price within 2 minutes before the call. If the customer has a locked position order, the handling fee of the locked position order will be returned. 4) For any question about the position order, please call the customer hotline first, and then please provide the transaction video, containing the customer account information, transaction variety, market quotation, position holding, time and problems. Otherwise the request will be rejected. "

24.In some exchanges, the locked position will not occupy the capital and only the transaction expenses are deducted. Do we have the same?

A:It only occupies the available capital and only the transaction expenses will be deducted.

25.How is the formula for the risk rate worked out?

A:Dynamic equity / occupied cash deposit

26.What is the validity period of stop-loss and stop-profit?

A:It is valid on the same day (it will expire after the position closing is forced at the specific time)

27.How to view a person's transactions on the ranking list?

A:Right any specific item on the ranking list, and click the transaction details to view the transaction records of such person (last 30 days).

28.Why can't I find today's transaction data in the report interface?

A:For today’s data (not settled yet), you may view today’s entrust, today’s transactions, today’s position closing on the bottom right corner on the home page of the trading software. The settled history data may be check in the report interface.

29.How to calculate the contract leverage?

A:Contract price * contract multiplier / cash deposit

30.How to close a position on the mobile version of Lion International Futures?

A:1. On the transaction interface, click Close Position at the Position Holding; 2. On the market interface, select a certain contract, and click the Market Price Order or Limited Price Order, input the number of lost and the price, and then click Close Position. Please see the mobile version operation video for other operations.

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